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Dr. Anita Hegde

“I have worked exclusively in Cosmetic Medicine for over 21 years, which is rare in this field. My approach is very patient-centric, offering information and education, so patients can make good choices. It is relaxed and stress-free.

I have been told that people feel calm and confident around my professional approach. Why would you settle for anything less?

I aim for the best, most natural outcomes for my patients. Sometimes non-surgical treatment may not be the right choice and I see my role as a guide.I truly love the aesthetic nature of my work.

I find it very odd to search a website and not see or know the name of the consulting doctor or the person delegated to inject by that doctor. Cosmetic injectables are prescription medications and not casual beauty treatments. I believe we need to give non-surgical treatments the respect and diligence that any medical treatment requires.”

Dr. Hegde is an experienced cosmetic physician, specialising in cosmetic medicine.  MedicaSkin  clinic is a Doctor owned and operated cosmetic medical practice located in Chatswood, on the North Shore of Sydney.  Anyone who knows Dr Hegde knows that she is a caring and gentle practitioner.

“Unlike many aesthetic practices, I consult and treat all my patients. I do not delegate to Nurse injectors. I have personally performed over 7,000 treatments on patients, involving cosmetic injectables, skin peels, laser or sclerotherapy.”


Dr Hegde has a wealth of knowledge and experience, acquired after spending  decades working in cosmetic medicine. She developed an interest in this field many years ago, whilst gaining skills in the laser treatment of birthmarks and vascular conditions. Subsequently, a growing demand for her cosmetic treatments led to Dr Hegde developing expertise in facial rejuvenation.

Working with a Dermatologist in laser and cosmetic dermatology for several years, Dr Hegde gained experience and an interest in lasers and skin rejuvenation therapies – primarily cosmetic injectables. Her treatments were populat and highly regarded.  She was involved in training Doctors in Lasers and Cosmetic injectable therapies during this time.

The next 15 years or so were spent working independantly in a prominent, busy Cosmetic Medical practice in Sydney. Vast experience and a desire to move away from a very commercialised model of Cosmetic Medicine, lead her to open her own  Aesthetic Medical practice  in 2011. It’s been thriving by word of mouth, ever since.

It is telling that the vast majority of Dr Hegde’s patients have been with her for many years.  She understands the needs of her patients and uses simple, non-surgical techniques to improve appearance and well-being.

Medical Qualifications

Dr Anita Hegde graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Otago Medical School, New Zealand. She completed rotations in Ear Nose and Throat surgery, Cardiothoracic , Plastic Surgery,  Emergency Medicine and General Medicine.

Post-Graduate Qualifications
  • Certificate in Sclerotherapy from the Australasian College of Phlebology – awarded the Certificate medal for placing first in Australasia.
  • Diploma in Obstetrics

Dr Hegde regularly attends conferences in the USA, Europe and Australia on cosmetic, laser medicine and phlebology (non-surgical treatment of leg veins).  She has attended workshops in the USA and Canada on laser treatments, skin peeling, muscle relaxants and injectable dermal fillers. She has spent time in Los Angeles and Canada training with prominent Dermatologists in laser and cosmetic medicine.

Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australia (CPSA) – She has presented to the CPSA, at their annual conference, on the topic of vascular lasers.

National Positions

Dr Anita Hegde has held the following postions:

  • Secretary to The Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia   2014/2015
  • Secretary to the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia   2014/201

Product Founder

Skin smoothing moisturising cream  is a science-based skincare product, created by Dr Anita Hegde. It is a multi-tasking ,nightly moisturiser that takes the fuss out of skincare. Launched in Hollywood celebrity red-carpet, gift bags in 2016. it is available for world-wide purchase, online and selected Cosmetic Physician, Dermatologist and Plastic surgical practices in Australia.

Find out more, please click: www.medicaskinproducts.com

Click on the following to hear a radio interview with Dr Anita Hegde on her Clinical work and her celebrity Skin Smoothing moisturising cream journey.

A skincare revolution spearheaded by an Australasian Doctor: From Hollywood to you

Cosmetic Physician Dr. Anita Hegde, Medical Director of MedicaSkin Clinic in Sydney Australia joins eHealth Radio and the Skin Care and Plastic Surgery Information Channels to talk about some important information about skincare. Click here for full interview
The Clinic

Located in a quiet north shore suburb, our clinic is a friendly and relaxed environment. The idea for this clinic emerged out of a need to offer a simple, uncomplicated approach to facial rejuvenation based on sound knowledge and considerable experience.We aim for nothing short of excellence in patient care.

Sharing the rooms of Sydney Skin and vein Clinic

MedicaSkin Products

Check out our Skin Smoothing moisturising cream at MedicaSkinProducts.com

I aim to create a refreshed, rejuvenated and natural version of you.


Dr Hegde is an experienced cosmetic physician, specialising in cosmetic medicine. Anyone who knows Dr Hegde knows that she is a caring and gentle practitioner. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, acquired after spending more than 21 years working in cosmetic medicine. She has held the position of secretary to both the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia and Cosmetic Physicians Society  of Australasia,


Office Location

Level 5, 7 Help St. Chatswood NSW 2067

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